Praia do Vau

Praia do Vau: Secret Tips You Should Know

praia do vauAlgarve Properties Praia do Vau is an amazing beach in the Portimão and located near the other popular beach Praia da Rocha. There are many attractive cliffs in the surrounding of the beach, which gives a spectacular view to the visitors. The sea of this place is calm with fine and golden sand having great attraction for swimmers. The temperature here is warm in the summer and the walk side of the beach is about many kilometers till the Praia da Rocha. Jet Ski Algarve

My Holiday Praia do Vau is very famous in the families and especially for their children. There are many natural pools where most children enjoyed while their parents enjoyed on the beach. The water of these pools is warmer than the sea water because the cliffs stop the wind and separate it from the Praia da Rocha.

In the summer, there is a huge number of people visit the Praia do Vau to enjoy their time and this is mostly on the high tide of the beach. In this crowded place, you can still get a place at the beach is too long. Moreover, it provides enjoy to the families from Portuguese because it is very family oriented due to its shallow and clear water with safe bathing.

There is a diversion in living styles in Praia does Vau; it has many bars, shops, and restaurants which makes your day and night amazing. There is also a fishing place known as a tiny hamlet. This beach is popular for days and especially for nights as pubs and some locals come there when the sun started going down.

You can enjoy your time on this beautiful beach by spending some money in the bars and restaurants. These are situated at a small distance from the beach but easily reachable so you can easily go there to make your time memorable.