Praia do Vau Holidays

Praia do Vau Holidays: Tips to Spend Your Time

praia do vau holidaysPraia do Vau holidays provides a very beautiful sandy beach and enjoyable place to spent time. You can easily access the nearby towns and other areas of the Algarve. There are many parks, pools and other places to enjoy your time with family or your partner.

You need to know about the weather of the place if looking for Praia do Vau holidays as it varies in town to town. There is mostly a temperature of 30oC in the summer which goes high too and there is the sunshine of six hours in the winter. Its temperature remains about 14oC in the months of winter.

The place is best for chilling out in the town and enjoys your Praia do Vau holidays here. Local residents also came there to spend their time for some refreshment and recreation. There are many shops and restaurants which a top drawer of the beach and supply of eatables mostly come from the neighbors like Alvord and Praia da Rocha.

The main attractions for your Praia do Vau holidays are the powdery sand slopes and the shallow waters. Sea is favorable for swimming but not in the high temperatures as it is the part of Atlantic. There are some restaurants where you can buy snakes and drinks.

The prime location for walking is the cliffs along with the beach and you can go till the Praia do Alvord which is in the west. There are also rocky arches and rock pools which can be binding on a 15 minutes’ walk. You can go to the place Lagos which is around 40 minutes away from the beach having multiple shops in the streets. It is famous for its gold leaf and a fort down to the harbor, where you can enjoy your time of holidays.