Praia do Vau Vacations

Praia do Vau Vacations: Attractions for Beach Lovers and Tourists

Jet Ski Algarve If you are looking to spend your time somewhere pleasant cliff-backed sand, the bustling of town and amazing picture of old fort then go for Praia do Vau vacations. It is the best place since from the 19th century to enjoy at the beach with your family and loved ones.

You can see the impressive view of the Portimão from the terrace of a fort. There is a town near it known as Praia da Rocha; there are luxury bars, hotels, and casino where you can enjoy your nightlife.

This is an impressive place to visit in your Praia do Vau vacations as it is a loving place for many tourists and people who want to enjoy some moments here. Calm water, bars, and restaurants with broad sand beach provide more attraction for beach lovers. It also attracts golfers because it has golf course from the time of Sir Henry Cotton.

A thing which is necessary to know before going for the Praia do Vau vacations are related to some general facts of the town. The local language is Portuguese, and currency is euro and you can find the nearest airport in the Algarve main town of Portugal. The temperature of the beach in summer remains warm that goes mild in the winter.

Best time to go for Praia do Vau vacations are between the June and September and you will find moderate warmth at the beach which is much impressive. Sunshine in the August and September is very comfortable with a temperature of 22oC.

You can move through feet as it situated away from beach resorts at few minutes walking distances or a mini train is also there through which you can scope out for the beach. There are also some festivals like Sardine Festival that attracts the people towards this pleasant and charming beach.